Andres Pääbo,
 Apsley, Ontario, Canada, K0L 1A0
        tel: (705) 656-9387

(picture shows me at about age 48 in front of major painting, I am now 69)

Education: University of Toronto. After early interest in linguistics, language and architecture I settled on building and civil engineering. Graduated 1974 in Applied Science and Engineering.  However. originally pursued art from a very young age,  including in young peoples' courses at the Ontario College of Art (Saturday morning program for high school students), and in my own pursuit and self-education. My art is profiled in the part of this website entitled artography.  In spite of proceeding into civil-engineering and planning from university, I continued a parallel pursuit of art, extending it into graphic and website design. I learned website coding - both html and javascript very early - 1996.  Have had an additional onging interest in archeology and  linguistics in connection with the relatively unstudied Finno-Ugric peoples. Since the subjects I was interested were not standard, I pursued self-education through books,.experience, and recently through internet resources. I research and write on whatever interests me. Learning and discovering is an ongoing purpose in life - as can be seen in all the writings posted on this website.
Experience1: Self-Study, Self-Employed Pursuits: Since teenage years emulated and pursued various areas of art - storytelling with comic forms,  writing stories, graphic art, cartooning, portrait art, animal art.  After making some money here and there in these pursuits when still living at home, it had to be put aside while studying for more secure professional career. Thus years passed while I studied engineering and applied science, and then spent a decade as a professional year. But I gradually returned to the themes of my original pursuits and it manifested as a return to traditional painting art (fulltime between 1985 and recently which can be found on this website), explorations of internet design included some paid projects (but mostly working on my own websites), digital commercial art and creativity, and  a continuation of the storytelling, where I have only recently decided to take the storytelling to published form.
Experience 2: Professional Employment. Graduating in Civil Engineering, I had a sequence of jobs, from summer work in Planning, to contracts lasting a couple years with Park Planning, Ministry of Natural Resources, Building Science, University of Toronto, Urban Planning Consultant Firm, etc.  Since I decided not to return to a formal employment situation when I became a fulltime artist around 1985, I will not describe any of these positions. It is enough to say I worked as a civil engineer and planner, and acquired Professional Engineer qualifications in Province of Ontario. The Engineering and Applied Science education and experience gave me the ability to research and write scholarly documents, such as those placed on this website.
Experience 3: Academic Pursuits. Learned to write while working in engineering, and in the creation of websites. In  parallel to conventional work and study, I pursued investigations into a theory I had regarding the evolution and expansion of boat-oriented hunter-gatherers out of the flooded lands in the wake of the retreat of the Ice Age. These people were the ultimate origins of the Finno-Ugric hunting-gathering tribes across northern Europe. But I theorized that the boat peoples expanded to the White Sea and the arctic waters of Norway, south to the British Isles, across to Greenland and arctic North America, proven by strange coincidences in culture and language. See on this website the section "UIRALA". When I came to trying to determine what became of the original boat peoples of northcentral continental Europe, I discovered the historic people called Veneti/Eneti, and then that the Adriatic Venetic colonies were the sources of Baltic amber to Greece. This lead me to the ancient Venetic inscriptions and wondering if they would turn out to be Finnic. Indeed it is very logical that the long distance traders-shippers of continental Europe would have come from the Finnic boat peoples, as they were pre-adapted to the job. My writings about it in pdf documents are given in the menu and also at academia.edu under 'APaabo'. Two of my papers have been published in Fenno-Ugristica, a journal of the University of Tartu. I have however not been pursuing publishing beyond publishing on my website. I have not scholarly ambitions. I pursue knowledge just for my own discovery and education.

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