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   Contact me (the  artist) for more more detail. I can take and send digital photos for more detailed look at all angles. <


Andres Pääbo portrait If interested in a painting, contact me - the artist- for further discussion. I can email you more detailed digital photos of the art for a clearer look at it. Prices shown below, are suggested and may be negotiated  in some cases.  The suggested price excludes delivery, etc expenses that vary with various factors  NOTE: . Most of the more special paintings shown here have been held through the years to accumualte and frame enough high quality paintings to form a one-man show in the near future. Contact me  if you would like an invitation to the show

EDGE OF THE EARTH  48"x 36"   oils on canvas   -  approx $3700  Much work in this!

One of my latest paintings, never been out of studio. It was inspired by the flat rocks along a portion of the east shore of the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, but captures a general idea that could apply to any large lake or ocean.  The idea is that based on actual human experience, the earth is a vast flat plane which ends somewhere. Our ideas about a spherical earth come from indirect evidence, and we never actually sense the curve of the earth. This is the reason in ancient times, the earth was seen as a flat plain of the sea, and continents were large islands in the sea

OSPREY BAY   42" x 28"  acrylics on canvas - AROUND $1700  (based on time and effort in painting it)

"I painted this shortly after pursuing wildlife art full time, around 1983. At that time I simply had a vision in my head and sought to put it on canvas, without any thought about what I would do with it after it was done. Art galleries are strongly concerned about saleability and the reality was, and is, that  walls are small today, and I am competing with 'artists' who throw together abstract paintings in a matter of hours, instead of weeks.. The painting was done in acrylics on canvas, and I still have it here.My intent was to portray an osprey splashdown into water to grab a fish breaking the spacious silence of a summer day" Andres, 2017

IMPRESSING THE LADIES - WILD TURKEYS   - 18" x 24"  -   $3700

There are also wild turkeys in my area. Even if I didn't manage to get very close to them, the very fact they were in my environment inspired me to portray them. Actually this was painted in response to a competition by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, which called for a depiction of wild turkeys to suit a wallet-size "conservation card". I was told mine was one of the finalists, but the trouble is that these competitions give absolutely nothing if you do not win - not even any publication of finalists or any publicity. This painting is available.

LAZY CREEK  28"x28"  acrylics  -  $2800

This depicts a location no more than a half km from me. This painting is an early one I did that used traditional landscape painting techniques that used a looser technique to capture the feeling, rather than detail.

REBIRTH   about 24" x 36"    -  Very detailed work in a unique frame - negotiable

This is a more recent painting from a few years ago. It was on show in a gallery for a couple months some years ago. The painting is complex in concept. Ir is based on the fact that new trees can grow out of rotting stumps.  Note I have included a wren on the forest floor in the center foreground. It tells a story and has so much detail for the eye to explore. It is not a 'pretty' image like most of my other works because it is intended to stimulate thoughts regarding the way Nature is constantly being reborn

  THROUGH THE TREES   appox  14" x 20"   -  acrylics on hardboard -   $1000
This scene had a great mess of foreground trees, so I decide to blur it and show it impressionistically so that the foreground would not be made more important than the pond we are actually looking at


MISTY MARSH MOOSE  42" X 24"  acrylics on  hardboard - I KEPT ORIGINAL FOR YEARS, BUT IT IS AVAILABLE (about $4000)photo
"This was my first major project after I committed myself to being a widlife artist fulltime for a living around 1985.  It began with an idea of putting a bull moose into its most complementary habitat. The moose (in European English 'elk') developed for a wetland environment. It is capable of  closing its nostrils and feeding on aquatic plants when completely submerged, for several minnutes. It is also a good swimmer, and perfectly adapted to an open marshy environment and northern wilderness. I spent a great deal of time researching the appearance of the moose, and creating a design in which the pine tree branches in the background repeat the shape of the antlers to produce a visual mirroring, that creates a connection between the animal and its environment (as opposed to the animal seeming to be pasted over top of a background, as is the case with bad wildlife art.) This was one that I wanted to reproduce in print form and add it to my collection of limited edition prints. However, the moose is not a widely appealing subject, and I held back on making a limited edition from it. I have kept the original. The original is available for several thousand."  Andres May 2017

MOOSE PROFILE   36"x 24"  acrylics on hardboard   $700

This was both a study of the moose head, lighting, and acrylic technique


WILD SHORE LOONS  42"x28"  -  acrylics on hardboard  - (detailed work $7000) WAS ALSO REPRODUCED AS LIMITED EDITION o  32" x 21"
This was inspired by my experiences fishing in the bay a km south from where I am located. I happened to take photos, and one of the photos showed an interesting and poetic pattern of driftwood and trees along the shore. While the scene could have been left without the loons, but having activity in the foreground would contrast with stillness of the scene, and having the loons in the foreground enhances the sense of depth. The loon is shown rising out of the water, and action that sometimes means shaking water out if its feathers, and sometimes a response to threats. I saw families of loons coming down into the bay every year. The scene it true to nature. It is never wise to portray nature that the artist does not know because if you do not know what you are portraying, the painting looks flat and stale. This painting has been on a long journey. One of may aims was to create a popular image to publish as limited edition prints. The print was very successful back in the late 1980's. Since then a new one-at-a-time 'giclee' (inkjet) process has developed, and individual very high quality prints are possible now. The original sold for $6000 in the late 1980's. The purchaser of the original found the greens did not suit his house, and traded it back to me for the same size Autumn Cascade original. I have not resold it, as I intend to reframe it. But time passes, and the frame is not completed. I also plan to accumulate enough paintings to constitute a future one-man-show.

CHALK PAINTING   22" x 24"    - acrylics on hardboard  -  $2700

This painting depicts the concrete tiles that constitute the floor of Nathan Phillip Square in Toronto.  Annually for decades now there has been a several-day art festival there in the summer. I was an exhibitor several years,  And that is where I got the brilliant idea. The concept depicts a child creating a chalk drawing on one of the concrete squares. The drawing depicts the art festival.  I thought that organizers or fans of the festival may find this interesting. I exhibited it the next year, but nobody really understood the concept without explanation. Unfortunately most of the public does not understand how much time it takes to create such a painting, and I was offered prices far too low for my accomplishment. I have not shown it since then.

algonquin pond
ALGONGUIN POND #2  48"x36"  - oil on canvas - suggested price maybe around $3000

This is one of 3 paintings capturing a typical scene in the Algonquin Park region of central Ontario. Nature is not very organized, and  one of the aims of art is to make the shapes and textures more balanced and organized. In addition the artist tries to capture the feeling of the place. This painting is different from the original "Algonquin Pond#1"  But since the painting portrays the same location, if you did not compare the two, you would think they are the same painting. But they are different interpretations.

algonquin pond
ALGONGUIN POND #3  48"x36"  - oil on canvas - suggested price maybe around $2700

This is the third interpretation of the location. It  based on the region to the right (south), and here I explored oil painting and impressionistic techniques  Note how this painting captures more of the "feeling" of a scene, while #1 and #2 are more descriptive.

PINK ROCK   36" x 24":  acrylic on canvas  -  $1700   Done in less detail for the size and priced less

If you have visited the Canadian Shield landscape of lakes and exposed granite rocks, shores and islands of pink rocks with pine and juniper is familiar. This painting was done to capture the feeling of pink rocks against a blue lake and sky, using the realistic elements for a pleasing design as well.

AUTUMN HAZE  8" x 12"  acrylics on hardboard  -  I value this painting for being very impressionistic. Approx $1200

This painting is mostly subtle colours intended to capture the feeling of a hot fall day - Indian Summer.

UNDER NORTHERN SKIES ORIGINAL 72"x48" - acrylics on canvas - due to two months of work on it, the price is high, however I will value its being hung in a public venue where it will be seen from the general public. LIMITED EDITION PRINTS MADE WERE 33"x22"  and for $200  (SOME AVAILABLE)

undernorthernskiesandmeAn enormous painting on canvas. When I showed it at the Buckhorn Wildlife Art Festival in the early 1990's, an artist asked me - why paint it so big?  Unless some corportation or institution commissions such a large paintings, an artist will not pursue a project for which success and sale is uncertain. But I had already done a smaller version and was inspired to capture the full effect of this dramatic sky - which I experienced while skiing on the lake where I am located in central Ontario, Canada. To capture the full effect of the sky, it had to be large. I was not thinking about what I would do with it when done. I was thinking more about whether I would succeed!!  But I did succeed, and by now I had had success in selling limited edition prints of my Wild Shore Loons image, and this would be my next limited edition print. The making of the print was a major undertaking because I wanted to make the best possible print in the largest size possible on the most advanced offset litho presses. The total bill for 600 prints came to about $10,000. Unfortunately, this was the early part of the 1990's and because of a recession, the original wildlife art print market was collapsing, and eventually it was better to sell copies directly rather thant incur the cost of distributing to dealers, advertising, and so on. As a result I still have prints of this image left out at the back of my studio. Email me if you would like to get more photos and information about the print, even if you do not order yet. Shipping in rolled up form, is not expensive, but has to be immediately unrolled on arrival. Price of the original would be around $10,000.  It has never been on gallery display, but was publicized mainly through the prints.

STUDY OF WOLF FACE     24" x 24"   acrylics on hardboard     $1200

All wolves have the same pattern of fur on their face, and hints of the coloration patterns. It is because we recognize it in dogs, that a wolf can look attractive like a short-eared large dog.

TUNDRA SPRING - WHITE THROATED GOOSE - 18" x 24"  - acrylics on hardboard  - $3900

These goose winter in southern Europe or southern North America, and winter either in the Canadian arctic of arctic islands of Europe. Some believe they are ancestral to the common farmyard goose. I do not know these birds. I researched them through internet pictures, and developed it as it was one of the birds suggested as the subject in a Wildlife Habitat Canada wildlife art competition. This painting was one of the top three and shown off in Ottawa, but of course I would have preferred to win. Apparently this was a finalist. It has not been handled by any gallery, and most people have only seen it on my web pages.
(Right) The painting on display by Wildlife Habitat Canada in Ottawa that year

WOLF DESIGN    24" x 40"    acrylics on canvas   -   unique experimental painting, negotiable

I was inspired by graphics of animals in Native art, to try something like that myself. Here the circle is the moon, and the curves around it suggest antlers of caribou, and the wolf is closely tied to the caribou as prey, in northern Canada.  But it also applies to northern Eurasia where there are wolves and reindeer

teachingrocksTHE TEACHING ROCKS - BLACK BEARS   48"x32"  - acrylics on hardboard  -  Individually giclee-reproduced prints have been made and can be made to order.

This painting attempted to capture the original essence of these native rock carvings near Peterborough Ontario Canada. All the details are accurately located. This is not how they look today. Today they are in a park and covered by a glass and steel structure, turned into a museum display for tourist visitors. That was certainly not its original purpose. Originally those who came there in the original Native Canada, came to express their reverence to it and perhaps add a carving of their own to convey a message to the site and its spirits. This painting has a spiritual side to it. Native world-view attributed spirits to everything, and that would include the painting and prints made from it. Since I have sold several prints to Native customers, it has not met resistance from people who had seen it. In order for me not to deal with the spiritual site, the painting is actually addressed to black bears, who, legend has it, were guardians of the site. That makes the painting not about the site, but about the bears, with the site being background. The true responsibility for t he painting rests with the bears.I do not think I could have assumed the burden of depicting the site without the assistance of the bears. In any event, since there is this spiritual aspect to it, that must respect the content, the final destination of this painting has to feel appropriate. Contact me, if you feel you or your organization can be a good guardian for the painting, and of course the site.

CLOUDDANCE 28"x16"  - acrylics on hardboard  -  $1700

After my success with 'Summer Sympony Loons' print, I painted this as a 'part two' of that success. It was painted in exactly the same size as the original of 'Summer Symphony-Loons' and I envisioned it being printed in exactly the same size and similar paper. But this plan has not gone anywhere. The reason is largely as I say in the text, that I became weary of the 'buiness side' of limited edition prints.

THE ROWBOAT  36"x 24"  - acrylic and graphite on hardboard  -  $700   This is a sketch, even though on a large panel, and did not involve much time.

This interprets a photo I came across, in order to practice mizing media  - in this case combining pencil and acrylic paint.

arctic wolves
TUNDRA SPRING - ARCTIC WOLVES  - acrylics on hardboard -  Negotiatable to a special price  around $1700 if you have a special interest in arctic wolves.
By the time I painted this, I had painted some scenes with very menacing looking timber wolves. When I saw picturs of white arctic wolves, I saw them being very pretty, and my experiment here was to see if I could paint a sunny arctic summer portrait of arctic wolves that was actually very pleasant.  Research involved visiting and studying the white wolf pack at the Toronto Zoo.  I was inspired by videos of white wolves in the tundra as summer approached. They were also the subject of Farley Mowat's book 'Never Cry Wolf'. It was a completely different view of wolves, than the traditional one of menacing looking wolves of southern wilderness.


SILVERY WATERS - acrylics on hardboard -  very detailed word, price about $2200

I evperienced this scene on my lake one dusk while fishing off this rock, and took photos to capture the very interesting water in the foreground. Since the rock was stained by bird excrement, I added the seagull to give it a focal point. This was a challenge in painting water. The value of this painting lies in that accomplishment alone!

BLUEBIRD  about 12" x 24"  - - acrylic on hardboard  -  $1850

While driving backroads in eastern Ontario on my way to an art festival near Ottawa, I came across such old farmfields, with rock fences and weeds, and a sense of  preserving the past.  I saw in this a design that included a bluebird. An impressionistic approach was used in order to inject some feeling, not possible with photographic realism. One always departs from photographic realism, if it is important to inject from feeling into the painting.

"REDBACK" PORTRAIT  - acrylic on hardboard - highly detailed work, approx $900 based on work involved

This is a portrait of a visitor to my property one winter. I learned that winter animals actually appreciate the presence of another creature during the desolation of wintertime. Portraits are best when they are of an actual individual.

TEMAGAMI SUNRISE  LARGE PAINTING  40" x 40"  - acrylics on hardboard -  this painting is painted quite loosely so can be priced about the same as a detailed work in half the size - about $1700

Returning in the early morning from an art show at Temagami Ontario, I saw a scene to my left in the direction of the rising sun, stopped my car, and walked back with my camera and took some photographs. Later I was inspired to try to develop what I saw into a large painting.



A B O U T   T H E   A R T I S T:
I identified myself as an artist since I was 10, educated myself through my teens, became an advertisting artist-writer for a few years after highschool, but returned to school and a more practical career in engineering planner for a decade before returning to art to try to make a full time living from it since the early 1980's. I pursued art in other forms including website design. For more images and text from my career in art, see one of the following websites - Artography is very complex and designed to be viewed at leisure from a desktop, while the second autobiographical one is in text plus the same images, created very plainly so that it is readable, like this page, from a small mobile screen.